Once cleanest and safest,now loosing its tag

What is the cleanest and safest beach in Chennai?

Immediately the answer came from a local shopkeeper that “Besant Nagar beach” – the another name of Eliot’s Beach,the end-point of the Marina Beach shore.

But in reality,this image of city’s one of the most popular beach is changing so fast – once city’s cleanest beach is going to loose its tag for its cleanliness.


KAJ Schmidt

The most renowned landmark of Eliot Beach,KAJ Schmidt memorial,which was named after a Dutch sailor,become a open place of various anti-social activity.

“Drinking,abusing women are increasing day by day.It is worse than Marina Beach“-Badsah,a shop owner at Besant Nagar said.

In the morning the beach remain absolutely calm but the ‘actual’ scenario come out once the twilight disappeared.


Empty liquor bottles on the beach

Empty liquor bottles and broken glasses throughout the beach can easily give an idea to anyone about the happenings.

There are so many garbage bins in the beach placed by Chennai Municipal Corporation – in charge of its maintenance,but people like to throw their wastage in the beach rather in the garbage bin.

This beach is one of the most favourite place of college goers and local residents who use to spend their leisure in afternoon.Namit Jain,one of the student of SRM University was telling ”we come here almost in every weekend in last two months I witnessed many unnatural incidents”.

Beside all of these,the ecosystem of the beach is destroying,many sea fishes and animals washed into the shore everyday -which is a matter of concern.

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